Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pile of Cheese Guy Strikes Again!

This guy is quickly becoming my new favorite person. 

Yesterday when he paid the bill, I noticed his wallet was one of those pleather western themed numbers with cowboys and horses all over it. It looked like something straight out of a souvenir shop and it was too awesome not to comment.  

-I love your wallet. I think I had something like that when I was eight.
-Yeah, well I lost my wallet and my girlfriend got sick of me carrying around a wad of paper so she bought me this. I have a new wallet that looks like my old one, but I like this one. The only thing is, it smells terrible.
-Why are you smelling your wallet?
-I smell things.

So this made me smile, and when I returned with his change he grabbed his toast off his plate and made for the door.
-I'm taking my toast. 
-Be sure to smell it first.

And with that, he pressed the four pieces of wheat toast against his face and left.

I'm inspired by people who understand how important silliness is as a character trait. 

Also, Pile of Cheese and Toast Face sounds like a legitimate underground rap duo.  


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

I wish I was there! I love him!

Jess said...

He seemed pretty bummed that you weren't. Clearly, you're the better conversationalist.

Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Jess, phuleeze, you take the cake in that category.

Anonymous said...

I have a replacement wallet. The first one died. I purchased the identical one from a 6 year old