Thursday, April 01, 2010

Gotta Brag On Ya.

I have a plan to retire off the royalties from the rap songs I write. One of them is called "Brag On Ya." It's a love song. But that's another post. 

I mention it only because I'm about to brag on my little sister for being an incredible person. While this blog is normally dedicated to everyday absurdities, sometimes life and the people in it are just so good that I feel it would be irresponsible not to give a shout out. 

So without the dramatic Lifetime music, last month marked the 10-year anniversary of a nearly-fatal car accident that Nessa survived. After the accident, when she could barely walk, she was easily the toughest Martin in the bunch, and we all fed off her strength. Through surgery and months of intense physical therapy, she made recovering from something like that seem like no big deal with her positivity, humor, determination, and signature kick-ass attitude.  
She's sort of my hero.  

Anyway, big things are happening in her life right now and I'm:
a) Proud as hell. 
b) Inclined to share.

This was from an email she sent this morning: 

Hey guys

So if you cant brag to your family then who can you brag to?! I guess the real answer is whoever, you really can brag to anyone, buuuuut I want detailed responses and will be expecting/demanding those from you.

This morning I trained [omitted, but a big deal]

It was AMAZING! Ive known him since working here but he has always worked with another trainer. We were in gym same time the the other day and he said he wanted to set something up. This morning was the first session and he was totally floored. I was a little nervous, but I threw a lot of phys therapy exercises in with the incorporation of the "power plate" ( Cool piece of equip not a lot of facilities have and he was interested in learning. 

blah blah blah, Im now working with him once a week. We played anatomical term quiz game for a great deal of the sessoion and shared a lot of high fives and besos. 

Compliment me. Thanks.

The Martin girl with an amazing smile and titanium femur.

I love when people lock into what they should be doing. I think there's a tangible energy when you see someone doing what they're good at and enjoy. Nessa's got it right now.  This is her favorite affirmation and I think it fits:
I am strength. I see myself as strong, powerful and limitless. 
Stay Strong.

Mine would read: I see myself as strong, powerful, and limitless. 
But first, a nap.


Amalia said...

That is such a tease! Who is the person she trained!??

Jess said...

Teasing is more of a host's job, don't you think?

Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Good for her! Even the one time I met her, her energy seem infectious.

Jess said...

So nice Lauren! I'll pass it along. See you bright and early?

"I got Laurie here... she's quite a looker."

MFB said...

BESOS?! with [HIM]!? ssssssstop ittt. :)

hooray for that kind of energy! may there be more of it in the world.

and more besos too. love THAT trend.