Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Life Is A Ziggy Cartoon.

A man paid me a compliment yesterday by saying, "You have an extremely hospitable smile."

He was blind. 


MFB said...

easy. you just say "Ohhh... No." (page 1 of the MFB school of not-taking-compliments)

well, except you do, so score 1 to the blind dude.

Jess said...

Right. That school is lame.

But honestly, I was confused by it for the rest of the day. Do you think that's like his go-to joke? Compliment people, wait for them to realize he's blind, and then laugh to himself as the awkwardness ensues? I mean, it's kind of funny, but mostly twisted.

This was me:
"Oh, why thank--(look to walking stick, try to make eye contact)"