Thursday, March 08, 2012

Finally, Someone Who Gets Me.

Exchange that took place with an elderly woman I sat down next to on a bus yesterday:

Woman: Are you going dancing?!
Me [Laughing]: No. No, I'm not going dancing.
Woman: Well, I guess you just have that persona.

I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the ride.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Why You Going To The Airport?

Flying somewhere?

Have you ever noticed how many birds are at the airport? Sparrows are always at airports as they tend to be anywhere with high ceilings (mall food courts should really have something called sbparrow--am I right, ladies?... cough). There was that whole Canadian Goose in a jet engine fiasco, and I once saw a bunch of pigeons walking around all the seats at my departure gate at JFK like they were waiting to head to Boca.

This concerns me. I can't get my deodorant through a carry-on screening, but the birds are free to fly. Also, carrier pigeons are like a REAL THING. How do we know these birds aren't up to something? I can't go past a checkpoint without being stopped, but no one questions the birds who breeze right by.

Just had this phone conversation with my sister who's at the airport:
Brina: They made me put all my bags into one bag.
Me: That's annoying.
Brina: Maybe next time I'll train a bird to fly through with my carry-on.
Me: At least your toiletries.
Brina: Pardon? Ooh, no, that's not my bag. I believe it belongs to the bird.
Me: But seriously, terrorists could train those birds. Don't say "terrorist" at the airport!
Brina: What?
Me: [Whispering in a panic] Don't say terrorist at the airport. I was worried you were going to repeat what I said.
Brina: Why are you whispering?

I get nervous about Big Brother. And birds. And baggage fees.