Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day.

Walking home just now with a stack of books from the library, ready to spend the late afternoon reading on my balcony, I was humming Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal to myself, appreciating the warm weather, when a sunshower suddenly started. Bright and warm, contrasted with the cool rain. I had to smile. It was just really nice. 

Right now in parks, and on trees, and in gardens, life is teeming. And maybe that's why I sort of sense that in every other thing I encounter. Just lots of life.  

I met some really great people yesterday and we shared good laughs and a girl so perfectly summarized her appreciation for Spring that I had to smile. It was just really nice. And while enjoying the collective company and a few beers, she said, "Wouldn't it be sad if we never saw each other again?" I was struck by the honesty. I love when people say things they're thinking without editing. It's a little kid quality and it's great. My childhood best friend and I became best friends when I asked him one day, "Do you want to be best friends?" It was that easy. Sometimes life is that easy. I was reminded of this immediately when she asked the question, and I felt like I had made a fast friend. 

And while talking about relationships with a bud the other day, he said, "I'm over looking at someone and just thinking, 'I want you.' I want to look at someone and think, 'I want to love you.'" And then my heart shattered into a thousand little pieces because, gosh, what a nice thing to say out loud. 

And right about now my bud and her fam are jumping out of a plane together just to kind of high-five life. And that's freaking awesome.
Me: Aren't you scared of heights?
Mer: No, I hang out with you all the time.

Today's Earth Day. I should probably say something about recycling, or giving up on your car, or reducing your energy use, which are things I believe in. But I guess I just wanted to tip a cap to life in general, and how great it can be. 


MFB said...

indeed, that was one of my best... (is this where i can punch myself in the shoulder a la anthony michael hall in the breakfast club?! or jess... every day?)

skydiving post to follow upon my return :) for now... we're alive, with varying degrees of enjoying the experience. can't wait to tell you all about it!!

Martin, Vanessa N. said...

ugh, If I have $3.76 for every time I heard, "I want to love you"...

I like my "ohp! Buy another one" outlook on life to be honest.

ps. you dont talk to me anymore, I call I wriiiite

Jess said...

I'm having a "Good one, Jess" t-shirt made so I can stop punching my own shoulder. I bruise easily.

Nessa Noelle, $3.76 is a mom made up price. And there has never been a more perfect clip of video in the history of video than you saying that.
It really does sum up your worldview.

ps. you got JOKES.

MFB said...

As promised: