Monday, April 26, 2010

Red Sox Nation Goes To The Dentist.

Here's a bit of trivia about Boston: Anywhere you go, you'll find a Red Sox game schedule.

Look on the refrigerators of the apartments you visit, look at the wall behind the bartenders at your favorite watering hole, ask someone (people carry the schedule around like it's a driver's license) or simply look at the office assistant's desk at the dentist office. Obviously. 

I just experienced this last one a few hours ago at the dentist and had to laugh. A giant Red Sox schedule was taped to the desk where you check out, right next to a sign reminding you to schedule your next appointment. I mean, seriously? Dentist appointments seem kind of important. It's not a haircut or an oil change we're scheduling. We're talking about your TEETH. The idea of someone postponing dental work to catch a game killed me.
-Emergency root canal, you say? Hmm. Nope, can't do it. Home game vs. the Royals. Sorry, first things first. 

When the Sox give you something to smile about, you're going to be kicking yourself. 


MFB said...

Such a soxy smile :)

Jess said...

That sox she said.


No, guess not.

MFB said...

Soxy lady! Sox for youuu. I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Ok, but that's not as bad as catching the end of a hockey stick in your mouth, shattering 8 teeth, ripping out one of them while siting on the bench (with your hand!!) afterwards, then going to the locker room to get pumped full of pain killers and stitched up... ONLY to go back out and play the rest of the game (Eric Belanger).

When you think like that, then missing a cleaning is not that big of a deal whatsoever! It's for the love of the game.

Jess said...

So I only know one person with enough hockey knowledge to drop a player reference in a blog comment.


Anonymous said...

Jess when matt and I were choosing the day for our wedding he consulted the schedule and needed to change the day to avoid a yankee series.