Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Said Grow, Dammit!

A guy at the counter this morning was reading a magazine called Garden & Gun.

Garden & Gun.

Garden... and Gun.

I'm sorry, but it really needs to be said a few times.

Was Green Thumb, Trigger Finger already taken?
Are we really getting that aggressive with dandelions?
Is anyone else picturing Martha Stewart with a basket of fresh herbs and an uzi?



MFB said...

you need to copyright "green thumb, trigger finger" ASAP.

Now NAP, dammit!!

Anonymous said...

Garden and Gun was too intriguing a title not to google. It was the most satisfying web search of my day, thank you. It appears that some people are confused by the title and made their own suggestions like Basketball & Cake Decorating or Swimming and Igloo making. All magazines I plan to order from fundraising middle schoolers.