Friday, April 02, 2010

Jamaica Plain In Spring.

What's not to love? 

Fresh air, people hanging out on their porches (I have a serious thing for porches) with some beers and some buddies, cute dogs everywhere, the amazing light my treehouse bedroom gets. 

It's all good, folks. 

Also, semi-unrelated, but I enjoyed this exchange this morning:
Michael: Have you been to San Francisco?
Me: I lived there for years. 
Michael: So you've been downtown in the morning?
Me: (smiling) Yeah.
Michael: Then come smell outside.
[we leave the restaurant together]
Michael: Smell. 
[We take deep breaths inhaling the crisp cool air]
Me: Totally with you. 
Michael: Right?!

Things like being asked to smell things for memory make me happy. 


MFB said...

treeeeeeeehouuuuuse! best in rain-and-wind-storms. :) yay for scent memories. you've claimed burberry brit for life, yo! xo

Jess said...