Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Father Is Steve Martin.

Little shout out to my dad on dad's day! 

A few things you should know about my father:
-He has written some of the greatest letters I've ever received.
-He is genuinely thrilled to see everyone he runs into. Everyone. 
-He's the hardest worker I know. (And I know a lot of hard workers)
-He's silly in all the best possible ways. Just as an example, I've seen my father play fake guitar with a vacuum more times than I'd like to admit.
-He used to wake us up in the morning with orange juice in a champagne flute. When I was living at home as an adult, he still did this. 
-I once overheard him talking to someone at a party about me and my sisters and he said, "They're my life." 
Even though I knew this, and know this, overhearing him say it made me really happy.


Brina said...

If only Dad knew how to log on to your website, he could read this very sweet tribute :) Love that man too!

Yessica said...

How ironic that we both have old SNL icons as fathers. I swear my dad is Chevy Chase. Is that some sort of farmer thing?

Anonymous said...

You have the BEST dad! I have enjoyed reading your blog when I have the time...I think your Dad must be my funniest Uncle and you are my funniest cousin by far.
Hope all is well and to see you sometime soon!
Your cousin,
Hannah Martin Wheeler

Jess said...

Jessica- That's absolutely incredible.

Hannah!!! How are you?!! You know how much my dad loves you! Whenever he talks about you he gets so freaking happy. He always (ALWAYS) ends his Hannah stories with, "She once said, "Uncle Steve, you're my favorite uncle."
It's probably the best compliment he's ever received.
Hope life is going well for you and Pete and your adorable little one!