Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh No.

Just got an email from my literary agent saying that the new website will include pictures of the authors with their bios. If you've ever tried to take a picture with me, you understand why I started to sweat when I read this. 

I'm awkward. It's fine. I'm totally cool with it. I flail, trip, blush, miss social cues on the daily and have come to understand that that's just who I am. But bring out a camera and I immediately forget my Zen state of awkwardness and start to freak out. Every picture I take is ruined by the commentary I make about not liking to take pictures. So a head shot should be just the thing to snap me out of that. (cough). 

I'm thinking of just sending this one in because it's essentially the summation of every other pic I've ever taken.      


Amalia said...

OMG hilarious! And so true. I say that with love, of course.

One day you will realize that cameras don't shoot sharp objects out of their lenses and will stop wincing :)


*Dodge, cringe, nervous sweating*

Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Jess, I totally understand, and am a fellow camera shy individual. I blame my mother.

Brina said...

You're, of course, adorable here, Jess. But I'm going to look through my albums and see if I find one I like better to represent Writer You. xoxo

MFB said...

you sweat, jess?

Jess said...

Amalia- You're not funny.
Lauren-Could you go into the kitchen? Roger is recording video to send to his mother and I don't want to be on it.
Bri-Perhaps something from the Umbro Era.
Mer-Do you???

Jenna said...

Oh! Let me play with my camera on this one! It's all about the candids...

MFB said...

Now I understand what "the Umbro Era" actually IS, and I love that YOU suggested a picture from that time Jess!

Seriously though, some of the ones from my party are fantastic - if I can ever figure out how to send 'em to you.