Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Update: Beer?

In the latest book news, more rejection! Yee, and might I add, haw.
This one was particularly wonderful:

Dear Penn,

I really like this writer – I mean, as a writer, but also as someone with whom I could enjoy a fun drink after work – and I enjoyed reading this. And I grimly suspect that when the book comes out, her situation will still be all too familiar to many new graduates and their families. But in the end, I just wasn’t sure we’d be able to get enough copies into reviewers’ and readers’ hands to make this work here.

So I’m sorry to stand aside, but I hope you’re hearing better news elsewhere.

All the best,



Do you think I should be worried or buoyed by the fact that editor rejections now include offers to drink?


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Buoyed, definitely buoyed.

Brina said...

I almost can not take these INCREDIBLY positive rejections anymore! You are obviously LOVED by everyone who reads your book -- why don't they want to share the love??

Jess said...

Thanks Lauren. Can't wait to hear about the bday and the beach!

Cheers, sister. See you in a few days!