Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missed Call/Good Call.

Someone left their Blackberry at the restaurant today and when it started to ring, Lauren noticed the incoming call was from someone named, My Lovebug. 

Me: Please tell me Geoff isn't in your phone as Moondoggie.
Lauren. No! No. Definitely not. (Pause.) He's actually stored as G Wizard. 
Me: OK, that's worse.

Then I mentioned that I'm stored in my sister's phone as, Jessica Martin-- something I discovered while calling her and running into her at the same time. This still kills me. Her reasoning was that she has a lot of Jessica's in her phone and it's just easier to have last names. She never came up with an answer as to why I wouldn't just be known by Cher/Oprah/Sister status as the only Jess in there.  Whatever.

So I was telling this to Lauren and she interrupted me: 
Lauren: Your older sister?
Me: Sorry?
Lauren: You're in your older sister's phone as Jessica Martin?
Me: Yeah.
Lauren: I totally knew it was your older sister. Just from reading about her and hearing stories, I knew it had to be her.  


MFB said...

You got single name status in my phone a loooong time ago. I did recently change it to just "Jess" though. Getting calls from "Cher" just got to be too much.

Brina said...

If I now switched your name to "Annoying" would that make you happier? If not, Norna is a close second.

Jess said...

Mer, remember when you made Lisa do her Cher impression?
"Meredith made me perform!"
It was spot on though:)

Good one, Bri. See, you're funny!
But you know I'd take Natasha. Thanks.