Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not To Mention The Pigeons.

Statues get no respect. 

While walking through Davis Square the other day, Mer pointed out two children kicking the statues. I believe her I-spy moment was expressed with something along the lines of, "Those kids are totally kicking the elderly couple statues in the crotch."

And she was right. They totally were. 

Two children, barely at the waist level of the statues, stood in front of the elderly couple and repeatedly kicked them in their crotches using "Hiiiii-Ya!" sound effects. The kicks were delivered with 100% accuracy and Tae Bo speed. We watched them for about a minute. I have no idea how long they were doing it before we arrived.  

Now, I support non-violence and I support art. But this was funny. What killed me is that no one said anything. Where were their parents?!  And ironically, there was a little ceramics fair going on right next to this, so you would think one of the artists might have asked them to stop just out of fear for their own work. If two five-year-olds can continuously kick a grandma and grandpa statue in their hoo-has without a word from the crowd, imagine what they could do to a little clay coffee mug.   


MFB said...

jessie, maybe you missed the part where the maternal unit turned her attention, finally, from the pottery fair and to her children, and then to you and me, laughing hysterically. i made awkward eye contact as she glared at ME, as if I were the one doing the inappropriate crotch kicking. you were doubled over laughing... although by bubba's measure that's still about 5 feet so i'm not totally sure how you missed it.

Jess said...

Nope, missed all of that. My eyes get super watery when I laugh that hard so it was all a crotch kicking blur.

v said...

1. Jessie?


Jess said...

1) I know.
2) I'm 100% serious that I was thinking the same thing about 3 Ninjas and it made me miss you a LOT.
3) I'm pretty much peeing my pants for Miami. Do you know where my favorite bathing suit is?
4) SABRINA'S GROCERY LIST. Can that just be a saying now and we'll understand what the other person is talking about?
"It was just so..."
"Sabrina's grocery list?"
"Yes, exactly."

pilgrimchick said...

I'm not surprised in both cases--although I do second your question about where the parents were.