Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Lesson In Birth Order.

In the latest example of the difference between my sisters, Sabrina recently sent out an email including all of her contact information in London. Whenever she travels she sends her complete flight itineraries to my family, highlighting airport codes, dates, and arrival times, she mentions the names/emails/numbers of the people she's meeting, and shares all the necessary and unnecessary information concerning where she's staying. To give you an idea of how detailed this latest email was, she included the price per minute she will be charged on her international phone plan. 

So the best way to get in touch with me will definitely be e-mail. I'll check it every night, and I bought a data plan for my phone. If you need to reach me immediately, just call. My phone is unlocked and it's a $1.29 a min. It will be good in case there are "emergencies"...

Who does that? 

Anyway, last night Bri forwarded me this message from our mother:

Thank you for including me in your contact info email. As your sister was preparing to leave for the plane, her contact information was the following: I am staying on an island in Miami, There won't be an emergency.  I have my phone.  

Were you both raised in the same home? 

Love, Mom
Note: You might have noticed that the word "emergency" is thrown around a lot in these travel emails. For my mother, travel is simply a way to test how well you've prepared for emergencies. It's never really about enjoyment. It's mostly knowing that you've packed enough sprays, given the phone number of your hotel to your grandmother, and have an Ace bandage tucked away somewhere.


Amalia said...

This is awesome. Makes me wish I had siblings!

Naomi said...

It's taking all the self control in my body right now to not call Sabrina on her cell and leave a lengthy message about how much I miss her, and how boring the office is without her, and yadda yadda yadda $1.29 per minute huh?

Jess said...

Amalia, everyone thinks your mom is your sister, so that kind of counts.

Naomi, she would KILL you. The sentence following the price per minute information was, "We won't talk long." Plus, I would personally be upset that I couldn't watch her face as she listened to said message.
Hope you're well!