Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Update: First Official Shout Out.

I was sitting across the street from the Booksmith last night waiting for the bus, after just having finished a 10-hour shift at work. The dark night and the lights from the store made for optimal people-watching, so I sat observing readers browse and exit with bags of books. Feeling slightly deflated about my own attempts to get published, I wondered if my book might ever hit the shelves of a bookstore. 

It's important to note that being incredibly tired and having to wait for public transportation is a great combo for feeling badly about yourself. If you want to throw a little pity party, work for 10 hours and then hang around waiting for a bus. If you want to throw a more extravagant pity party, spend a few years trying to get published, work a 10-hour day, and then wait for a bus outside of a bookstore watching people buy books that actually are in print. 
And maybe serve punch. 

Sitting there feeling like a jerk, I remembered I left something at the restaurant. Making my way back to work, I grabbed my stuff, noticing the lights of the 66 bus coming down the street. Not wanting to wait for the next one, I ran out of the restaurant, and darted across the street to the bus stop. Avoiding traffic, and looking quite stupid as I ran, I heard someone yell from a block down, "Hey!! OPEN-EYED SNEEZE!" 

The combination of words sounded familiar and then it hit me-- Hey! That's my book! 
I looked up to see a regular from the restaurant (who has been reading the blog) waving and giving me a big smile. 

I jumped on the bus, absolutely thrilled with the funny little moments life provides. 
There I was feeling sorry for myself, and just when I needed it, I got a random shout out. 

My first official shout out was an actual, literal shout-out. 


MFB said...

i shout all the time. wanna put me in charge of marketing? :)

Jess said...

No. No I don't.