Monday, September 07, 2009

That Reminds Me.

My father interrupted Nessa mid-sentence yesterday by saying, "OH! That reminds me!"

I don't actually remember what she was talking about, but I know for a fact it was nothing that could have possibly reminded him of the story he told. 

Dad: So I was driving one of the old Oliver tractors back to the farm last week and a bee flew right against my teeth and the impact killed it. A bee! Right into my teeth! It died! Can you believe it?    

We all stared at each other in silence for about 30 seconds.

Me: Dad, you just interrupted Nessa to tell a story about killing a bee with your teeth.  
Dad: Oh, sorry. I just thought about it.
Ness: I don't get it. Your teeth were exposed while you were driving a tractor down the road?
Exposing all her teeth into a freakishly giant smile she added, "Who drives like that?" 

My dad started smiling thinking about it and he goes, "You know, out there with nature. It's nice."

I don't want to know how my father's mind works, but I've really learned to appreciate it. 


Yessica said...

Is your dad Clark Griswald?

Jess said...

There's really no way for you to understand how accurate you are, or how much I just enjoyed that comment.

Freaking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jess aka My Middle Sibling Sister - first, thanks for the visual of Ness....and Clark Griswald....well that's one hell of a compliment!!! Clark RULES!!!
Love you & miss you!! Kel

Jess said...

Hey Kel! Thanks for still reading this thing! Miss you guys!