Thursday, September 17, 2009

"But Where Does The Meat Go?"

Found this job posting on Craigslist:

"Line Cook- Raw Vegan Cafe."

According to the ad, the position requires at least two years of kitchen experience.

Right. Two years kitchen experience for a raw food cook. Raw food. Cook. And do you think it's actual kitchen experience, or two years experience in a raw food kitchen? And what does a raw food kitchen even look like? It's just a knife and a salad spinner, right?

Anyway, I thought the title of line cook was funny. Aren't vegan raw food cooks usually called vegetable trays?


Anonymous said...

That job sounds excellent. Especially when I explain how cutting vegtables compromises the integrity of them and that washing them only weakens our immune systems by over sanitizing our food supply. Easiest job ever.

Jess said...

You might be my workplace hero. Brilliant.