Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Decade: A Time To Reflect.

So my father called me yesterday to wax poetic about the changing of the decade.  Namely, he kept saying, "10 years, Jess! 10 years!" 

The thing is, after hearing it 15 times in a 15-minute conversation, it sort of became a good point. 

So eventually, this was my response: 

"You're right, dad. A lot happened in the last 10 years. You saw all your daughters graduate from college, travelled thousands and thousands of miles for visits and to help us move to different cities around the country, wrote so many great letters as the world's best pen-pal, started the business venture with the squash and saw that take off, had a lot of great laughs, and a lot of great meals, and you bought a different car, which is definitely something you don't do very often. It was a busy little decade."

To which he replied:
"You said it. A lot of change. So much is changing. Brockport is even getting a Metro Mattress." 

As I sat quietly on the other end of the line staring blankly at the wall, I was glad to know that even in 2010, not everything changes. 


the rodeo princess said...


Yessica said...

I'm still waiting for Chippewa Falls, WI to get a Brockport Mattress.

Brina said...

I LOVE this post. Being home with Dad for even 4 days is enough to completely appreciate that man. As he was driving me to the airport during the early morning hours of January 1, 2010 (BRAND new tear-off mini calendar affixed to the upper left corner of the windshield; old calendar now stuck squarely in the middle of the mudroom entryway door for dramatic effect) we passed by the shiny, new MetroMattress, and BOTH he and mom perked up when they thought people were inside (Mom: "No....(sigh)...they're still just setting up."). And with that, he looks at Mom and says "Debbie, maybe someday we'll buy our mattress there!" And she smiled back. Yes, it's wonderful to know that some things never change. love you Mom and Dad! (if the computer was working well enough for you to read this!)

Jess said...

Jessica, you're from Chippewa Falls?!! Have you seen Annie Hall?!
"That's one of your Chippewa Falls expressions."

Too funny.

Bri, great call on the mini tear-off calendar. Whenever I'm home dad asks me like 300 times if I want one of the dozens that he's taken from the various mechanics he knows.

-Dad, you're supposed to take one. Maybe two. When you take 30 of them, that's stealing. And how much trouble are you having remembering the date that you need 12 different calendar reminders?

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