Friday, January 22, 2010

Aw, Man.

A few years ago in New York, after enjoying one too many adult beverages, I gave my phone away to someone. I vaguely remember saying, "Call me" but I certainly don't remember handing them my phone. That part was retold to me the next day.  Anyway, when I called the cellphone company to explain the situation, they informed me that there were about 40 calls to the Bronx on my bill. 

While annoying and expensive, that little situation had a very Eastern influence on my thoughts about possessions. Things come, things go. You buy things, you give them away to strangers when you're drunk and confused about the number exchange process. And for the most part, that's been my mindset about personal belongings. A lot of shoulder shrugs are involved.

Although apparently, my Buddhist thoughts concerning tangible items do not apply to frequent buyer cards.  I've been eating sandwiches at a great place in my neighborhood since I moved here and just recently realized they have a buy 10 get one free card. These tasty little numbers aren't cheap, so I was amped to get in on a freebie. I got my 10th punch yesterday and happily shoved the card into my back pocket, thinking about what free sandwich I would get next time. 

Cut to this morning, those pants and my fully punched card are spinning around the dryer. I only discovered this while cleaning out the lint trap, after the load of laundry was totally done. Seeing tiny bits of my sandwich card mixed in with that soft blue peel of lint that you can always lift off like a pudding skin wasn't the greatest way to start my day. I wonder if the people at my sandwich shop will be more understanding than my wireless provider.  


Macnabbs said...

Of course they will. You kept the lint, right? Okay, put it in a transparent plastic baggie and explain what happened.

Scenario A: They think you are just aDORable and not only give you a free sandwich but take your picture and put in on their wall of cool customers.

Scenario B: The sandwich guy nods and smiles as you explain that you are entitled to a free sandwich and you brought your lint to prove it. He maintains eye contact with you at all times but is fumbling under the counter for something. This does not end well.

MFB said...

Scenario C (comparable to A, I suppose): You show them your Mariah dancing video. You become their resident goddess. Free sandwiches for life.

Jess said...

Macnabbs, you make me laugh out loud.

mfb-"Free sandwiches for life" might be the best sentence I've ever read.