Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Update: And We're Off!

My agent* wrote me an email yesterday with the subject line, "And we're off!" letting me know that my manuscript has been sent out on its first round with publishers. It was a really exciting little moment for me to think that something I worked on will now be read by people who make books.  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't envision my manuscript wearing an oversized backpack, taking slow high steps to board a bus, as I stood back and waved, "Bye little guy! Have a great first day!" 

I basically did that every time I sent my manuscript anywhere. 

So in case you haven't been playing along at home, here's a breakdown of the events regarding the book:

1) Wrote a book
2) Googled "what to do after you write a book"
3) Bought a Guide To Literary Agents at the Union Square Borders in San Francisco. I distinctly remember this because at the time, I thought it was like buying a telephone book. Just find an agent I like and work with them. Easy!
4) Discovered that's not how that works.
5) Queried, queried, queried. 
6) Waited.
7) Heard a lot of "Thanks, but no thanks!"
8) Got an email from Penn Whaling asking to speak with me.
9) Had a "phone meeting" with Penn. Conveniently, she is hilarious, and agrees to represent me.
10) Danced around the apartment with my roommates' dog
11) Worked on the re-writes Penn suggested
12) Received "And we're off!" email. 

Stay tuned!

*It always feels slightly pretentious to say "my agent." So whenever I do, I say to myself in my head, "Your travel agent? Your insurance agent? Your secret agent?"


Tania said...

I share your excitement - it's great to support AMAZING talent and you sure have one. CONGRATS!! Again, and again, and again!

Anonymous said...

It will feel more natural during your conversation with Oprah when you tell her you're not sure if your schedule is open to do her little show, but she can talk with your agent and see if there's an opening.

Brina said...

Fingers crossed, Jess! And Congratulations! You're doing it Peter!

p.s. please give me enough time in advance of the launch party to get the perfect dress.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yay, Yay! Your little guy and his backpack are one step closer. Can't wait until he's a full fledged book. :)


MFB said...

yayayayayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyy so excitingggg :) hugs galore to you, miss thang.

BethCenci said...

I'm so excited for you!! That book will be on the shelves before you know. Also, I love the Christmas video post