Saturday, January 02, 2010

Is It Spicy?

New Years isn't really New Years for me without Chinese food. Up until I was 18, we spent every New Years Eve at my Great Grandmother's house and really good Chinese food was always a part of that tradition.  So even in years past, when I've tried to put an effort into making exciting plans for New Years Eve, I've always found myself out at a crowded bar asking everyone,"Do you want to go get an egg roll?"

Totally thought of a co-worker while planning my Chinese take-out order for this New Years Eve because of something that happened at the company holiday party last month. It should be noted that this girl has a fantastic sense of humor. She just also happens to believe anything you say.

At the party, a dance remix of The Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow was playing for about six minutes straight. Unable not to comment on the ridiculous version of the song, I yelled over the dance track, "Whenever I order Chinese, I get a quart of Boom Boom Pow."

Nodding like it wasn't random at all to bring up Chinese food orders out of nowhere, she yelled back, "Oh, that sounds good." 


Anonymous said...

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pilgrimchick said...

I wonder if you actually called to order that, what the person on the other end would say or do. You may actually get an interesting dish out of the trouble.

Jess said...

pilgrimchick- you're probably right. and it will be ready in 10 minutes. Every order is the same time quote. How do they do that? You could order Chinese for 100 people and it still only takes 10 minutes. it sort of blows my mind.