Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wiggin' Out.

I neglected to tell one of my roommates that my sister was in town this weekend. So when I heard Sean in the kitchen this morning, I told Bri to say hello.  This was the conversation I heard from my room.
Bri: Morning.
Sean: Hi. 
Bri: I'm just running to the bathroom, I'll come back and say hi in a second.
Sean: ...

Sitting in my room, it occurred to me that Sean had no way of knowing Sabrina was my sister and I started to get paranoid wondering if he'd think, who's this random girl? Where's Meredith? When Bri came back into my room I was like, "Tell him you're my sister!" 

Sabrina: Umm... Jessica said I should tell you I'm her sister.
Sean: Oh, OK.
Me (thinking): Uhhh! That sounds like a total lie!

When I got up I apologized for not letting him know Bri was in from New York for the weekend.
Sean: I actually thought she was you. I thought it was you wearing a wig.
Me: Why would I sleep in a wig?!
Sabrina (Shouting from my room): My hair does not look like a wig!
Sean: I'm not saying that. I just wondered why Jess had so much hair.

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