Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gotta Support The Team.

Had this gem of a conversation with Tara tonight.

Tara: Did you ever have a Starter jacket?
Me: Oh, indeed. San Jose Sharks.
Tara: Was it teal?
Me: Yup. And had a giant shark on the back. 
Tara: Yeah, I remember that one.

And then she walked away.


MFB said...

i had one for newton girls soccer. pretty badass.

Naomi said...

I always wanted one, but never had one. It probably would have been for the Buffalo Bills, so looking back I'm pretty glad that it never happened.

Shea Anderson said...

Those were hot commodities over in my neck of the woods.... which is probably why my brother got stuck with the Saints.

You could have made some cold hard cash. Still might be able to- do you still have it?!

Brina said...

I am going to look for pictures of Jess in her jacket when I'm home. I'll post them to FB as soon as I find them. It went really well with her perm. (I like that I'm pretending I did not sport the exact same look. Except I had the 49ers...I think?)

Ness said...

I had Giants and Jets bc Uncle Jerry likes me best and got me anything I wanted. Brina, we should also search for pics of Jess in her Zumba pants...memeber those?! Football team colors in zebra pattern....sexxxayyy. Ah, Jess, your perm circa 1991...walking to lobby of hairtique. Til this day I will never laugh that hard."Am I prettttttty?!?!"

MFB said...

i cannot WAIT for these pictures.

ps i still haven't seen class acts... pretty convenient that a gift giving opportunity approaches in december...