Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sensibility of Humor.

Meredith very rarely (read: never) gives me a pity laugh. It's totally fine because I get a good chuckle out of awkward silences, and when she does actually laugh at something I say, I know she truly enjoyed it. 

What kills me though, is when she doesn't see the joke I'm trying to set up. I'll ask questions, leading her in the direction of a punch line, always assuming she sees what's coming, only to have my joke fall flat on its face when she's completely confused by what I'm talking about.
These conversations always end with her thinking I'm crazy and asking in a very serious tone, "What are you talking about?" I'll usually just sit with a smile until she plays along and releases an, "Oh, I get it. Funny. You're funny." like a hostage she's keeping in a bank or something. 

Anyway, the other night we were talking on the phone before bed and she mentioned that she might put on a movie to fall asleep.

Meredith: I might watch Sense and Sensibility. I love that movie.
Me: The one with Keira Knightly or the PBS version?
Meredith: You're thinking of Pride and Prejudice
Me: Am I? I don't think so.
Meredith (Completely confident in her correctness): No, you are.
Me: Noooo. I think I'm right.
Meredith (slightly annoyed): No, baby. You're thinking of Pride and Prejudice.  Sense and Sensibility is with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson.
Me: Oh, right. The one where they put things in a glass of water to see what floats and what sinks?
[Silence and then finally]
Meredith: What?!!!
Me: Oh, no, never mind. That's Dense and Densibility. 

There was about a good ten-second pause before she threw out an, "Oh my gosh."

I laughed anyway.


MFB said...

HA! Funny. You're funny. I believe it.

Now THAT's Persuasion.

Naomi said...

Ohhhhhhhh ZINGO! I do enjoy Jane Austen humour. Oh yes I do.