Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What Will You Be Doing About Beverages?

Asking, "What will you be doing about beverages?" before visiting each other has been a Martin Family favorite for years. It started after my sister Sabrina visited me at college and was unsatisfied with my beverage options of beer or water. Sitting in my living room on a Sunday morning, completely upset that I had no orange juice, she looked at me flatly and asked, "What will you be doing about beverages?" 

She was serious.

When I retold this story to the rest of my family, the line became an instant classic.  We've been saying it as a joke ever since.

Sabrina is still quite serious.

It's important to know that my older sister and I are different creatures. I love her to death, but we're different creatures.  

Bri carries a Tide ToGo stick in her bag. I've seen her give it to strangers. 
I found about a half pint of herbed cream cheese on my pants the other day and thought to myself, "How long has that been there?"

Brina is the type of person who keeps Neosporin in the box of Band-Aids.
I'll walk around all day with a paper-cut finger in my mouth.

Sabrina plans for guest arrivals with towels, toiletries, snacks, fresh sheets, extra pillows, multiple bedding choices (down alternative?), and options for activities.
She's coming to visit me on Friday and I've made a mental note to buy toilet paper.

To really hammer home the difference, this was a grocery list email she sent when we were going to Miami to stay with aka, Aka: 

Obviously, I'm the only one that is going to give you a real answer.  Here goes (and these are just suggestions -- not at ALL necessary in any way) AND I was just about to e-mail you guys to say WHO'S ExCITED??????? I AM!!
Breakfast foods:
Organic skim milk (girls, you can stop rolling your eyes at me now, cause I know you like this too)
A few cereals -- like kashi, puffins, etc.
Orange juice
2% plain greek yogurt
whole wheat bread
peanut butter
(Stuff for omelets if the girls want this, I don't really eat omlets)
organic eggs
red bell peppers
cheddar cheese
Lunch foods:
more whole wheat bread or rolls
light mayonnaise
sliced turkey breast
muenster cheese
tuna fish
avocado (and onion & cilantro for guac!)
tortilla chips
roasted red peppers
some other kind of chips -- nessa will have an opinion on this -- sunchips, honey wheat pretzels, etc.
baby carrots
Dinner foods (jess, can you help here?):
Chicken breast
stuff for stir fry?
sweet potatoes
whole wheat pasta
salmon taco stuff? like sour cream, tortillas, and then veggies listed above would be good.
Okay that's all I guess...I'm really bad at dinner food stuff. I just drink water, but if the girls want other drinks (jess likes pellegrino, I think) they'll let you know.

We were going to be in Miami for two days. 

Anyway, Bri sent me a message this morning asking about beverages and it reminded me to get OJ before Friday. 

No one like you, sister.  


MFB said...

ha! love. so excited to see you this weekend, Sabrina! :)

Anonymous said...

do me a BIG favor and call me.... 508 331 2548!!! that would be my best show! lol!!!

MFB said...

also, 4 months later, i STILL love that you were only asked to weigh in on dinner, J.

Brina said...

Meredith, you know that Jessica only eats one meal a day. And yes, SUPER excited for the trip!!

Glad you can use my responsible nature to earn some cheap laughs, sister. You're welcome.

Jess said...

It's true. Technically, an entire box of cereal (about seven bowls) counts as one meal.

Note: I DON'T recommend doing this with Kashi Go Lean Crunch.