Monday, November 01, 2010

Upset Autumn Tum.

That title doesn't really work. I had to say it out loud a few times. And then it started to remind me of The Litttle Drummer Boy for some reason. 

What? I don't know.

Anyway, throughout the month of October, I think I pretty successfully stuffed the entire Fall season into my belly.  I was obsessed with all things Pumpkin, really tried to meet an apple a day quota, and have been craving apple cider and donut holes pretty much non-stop for 31 days.

Here's a highlight list:
-Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. 
-Pumpkin pancakes.
-Cinnamon in my coffee.
-Squash soup. 
-Post Road Pumpkin Ale
-Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale. The Best! Yum Yum Yum. When I see this on tap anywhere I squeal like a little piggy. It's seriously so good. 
Incidentally, Mer has a pumpkin styling wax she uses for her hair and I have taken to calling her Pumpkinhead. Or sometimes YankeeCandlehead. I'm very good with terms of endearment. All day yesterday she was Boo. Obviously. For the holiday.
-JPLicks Pumpkin Custard. Can we have a serious frank discussion about how good this is? This ice cream (in a sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles) is SO freaking good it will make you calmly exit the JPLicks of your choice, approach the sweetest looking person you can find, ask them to stop walking for a minute, and then swiftly slap them across the face. 

I've had more than my fill of October. I'm stoked it's November because nothing about turkey pancakes appeals to me and my stomach could really use the downtime. 


martha g. said...

it's upsetting that we haven't been around each other this month, because i, too, have been wanted everything in my stomach to be flavored with pumpkin. to add to your list: pumpkin spice tea, pumpkin spice jellybeans, pumpkin odwalla protein shakes...i could keep going.

oh, and shipyard pumpkinhead may be my favorite thing on the planet. we're meant to be, jess.

Jess said...

Mmmmm, pumpkin spice tea! I LOVE TEA!
(post to follow on this, unless Meredith kills me first)

I'm completely serious when I say I think you're just about the coolest person I know.

MFB said...

"I seriously have the entire month of October in my tummy right now."