Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Missed My Shot.

The new agency website is up and as I mentioned before,  I was supposed to submit a photo.

Well, of course, I didn't, but now I'm kicking myself because my bio just has that weird fake person silhouette where my face should be. I suppose the fake person could be me, but something with eyes would be nice. 

Here are some choices:

Me by a duck.

Me wearing my favorite headband.

Me buying snacks in the middle of the night at a convenience store. 
This was during the height of a rather debilitating stretch of insomnia, and yes, I'm holding Slim Jim, a Hungry Man Dinner, and pie crust.

Me doing this:
or this:
or this:

(sisters will be omitted)

Or me falling asleep on the subway.

Or me wearing a meat hat.



MFB said...

2 menus at iHop.

Amalia said...

Head band all the way!