Sunday, October 17, 2010


I burned my arm on an oven door at work this morning and I'm afraid the gnarly scar I have will stick around forever. What kind of story will that make?

-Oooh, where did you get that scar? Were you in an accident like Padma Lakshmi?
-Mmm, no. I was grabbing a ladle to sample the lemonade I made* when an oven door opened up and seared me.


*Would Lemonade I Made be a cool band name?


andrea said...

Does the scar look like Abe Lincoln? Did you say ow? Do you ever say ow when you aren't actually hurt but because you think the situation warranted an ow?

Lemonade I Made is a great band name, or:

Out of Lemons, Lemonade I Made,


Life Gave Me Lemons, Lemonade I Made.


Melonade I Made out of Melons not Lemons and That is Why It Is Melonade Not Lemonade


When Life Gives you a Ladle, Don't Burn Yourself.


When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Muscle not War.

Jess said...

aka "aka", you're extremely funny.

my birthday is next month and you can get me a "When Life gives you a Ladle, Don't Burn Yourself" t-shirt.

It's all I want.

MFB said...

It's your Omar scar!

... we'll think of a good story.


So true that Padma was the first woman to make scars sexy.