Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Doesn't it weird you out when you go to use the microwave and the time on the clock seems like the actual time, but it's really just the minutes you have left from the last time you used the microwave? 

I'm not explaining this well.

But furthermore, doesn't it make you a little sad to know that the unused minutes from heating something up days earlier serve as a good enough time estimation for you because you literally have nothing else going on? 

And by you, of course, I mean you. (Cough.)

-What time is it?
-I don't know.


andrea aka aka said...

amazing point hahahaha. i was going to say, isn't it funny when the microwave says a time that is impossible, por ejemplo 4:85, but furthermore then it goldie hawned upon me that a clock on a microwavepool is also the same as a regular clock in terms of the numeric system it uses so that wouldnt ever happenstance. which reminds me of numbers that are impossible, i like to schedule appointments for the 38th of each month so they never happen. (i made that up, i dont have appointments)

FURTHERMORE!! is it weird that i feel like i am recycling and doing good for the worldwideweb when i use leftover /unused minutes from a prior heating and apply it to a future one instead of just pressing clear?

miss ya furthermore face, basketball, celtics, cookies!

Anonymous said...

that's the problem with microwaves. since I was 25* i've been advocating a move back towards old school toasters. all you do is turn the dial and wait for the ding. voila, your toast is ready. microwaves not only distort your perception of time but also destroy the core family unit. in my country we did not have the luxury of reheating food to eat whenever we felt like it - dinner time was dinner time, and if you missed dinner, you either ate cold food (unless it was hot outside) or went to bed (in) Hungary.

*i'm 24

andrea said...

PS that comment was from my crazy friend danny (aka i call him cockerdaniel) wif whom i cannot compete. jess you really stir up the proverbial pot with these topics.

Jess said...

goldie hawned upon me.


These are probably my favorite comments ever. No reason to lie.

You guys should have a radio show together where you have conversations like this only you use those old-timey radio voices and interview Martha Cookie Turner.

Also, Andrea, I really love how the signature on our emails says, "Sent from Outer Space."

Also, I really love rice.

THAbrina said...

i met an asian rapper named Rice Cube

Jess said...

Bri, your rap name is Debris.

Thank You.