Friday, October 22, 2010

Stand Still.

Lisa came up to me at work this morning and asked me if I knew I had a mannequin twin. 
(I live for questions like this.) 

Me: No! Like Elaine in that episode of Seinfeld?!
Lisa: We were shopping last night and my daughter climbed up with all the mannequins and asked me to take her picture. When I went through them I was like, hey! It's mannequin Jess!

I thought it was funny. 

But this is the better story:

After taking the pictures, Lisa asked her daughter to get down and started saying things like, "Ok, I'm not taking anymore pictures of you up there, let's go. Come on, get down from there, I mean it." as people passed by. 
With Jacqueline remaining perfectly still, people passed by and gave her looks as she tried to explain that her daughter was posing.  

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MFB said...

you do look cute with pigtails.