Thursday, October 28, 2010

That's Amore.

I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker (no comments) and after discovering a mutual appreciation for binge drinking and mozzarella, this was a direct quote from the 24-year old girl dating the 40-year old millionaire. 

"I thought that maybe with the age difference we wouldn't have that many things in common. But I like alcohol... and cheese."

Ah, yes. Nature's timeless aphrodisiac. Cheese. 

And what a story for the grandchildren:
"Well, Grandpa loved cheese, see? And I loved cheese. And he loved raspberry Stoli, and he bought me one outside a yankee game once. But it was all about the cheese kids. The love we shared for cheese and his millions and millions of dollars. Mmmm. Cheese." 

It ended up not working out.

In a semi-related note, statistically speaking, you might be surprised by how difficult it is for lactose-intolerant millionaires to meet people. 


martin sister with a pretty smile and name rhymes with vanessa.. said...

Um, you try Boar's Head smoked Gouda and then tell me cheese isn't an aphrodisiac!!

speaking of Grandpa,(what?), I was in car yesterday with a chick that had no tolerance for lactose, openly recognized it, spoke about it, told story I didn't want to hear about it, she pulled over, said she was hungry, got out of car and came back with a piece of white pizza (no sauce just CHEESE). 10min later I was now living the story she had previously shared. Tell ya friends..

Jess said...

long week, v?

Brina said...

Ew I had to hear some gross lactose-intolerant people stories this week too! I'm so happy now to be lactose tolerant.

Anonymous said...

If someone likes feta, that pretty much seals the deal for me...

Guess who?

Jess said...