Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time To Go.

My girlfriend is insanely good with accents. It's part of the reason I like her so darn much. Many times I'll just ask her to say things with an accent and she'll happily oblige by talking like a Scottish person for the rest of the day. It works out quite well. 

Anyway, this morning couldn't have been more perfect in Harvard Square. People were wearing their very best fall outfits, we had coffee in hand, and the hardest decision we had to make was choosing between a pumpkin cupcake or pumpkin ice cream. It's a nice problem to have. As we are wont to do when there is so much to be happy about, we started talking in British accents. Meredith is spot on and sounds like a true Brit. (Mine always slips between British and Australian.) Popping into a little watch store to check out timepieces, Mer held onto her accent so perfectly and calmly approached the shopkeeper, inquiring with English grace, "Excuse me, have you got the time?"

Without even cracking a smile, the man kept his gaze on a battery he was changing. 

NOT cool. 

Not only was her accent unbelievably charming, but come on! It's a funny little joke!
I promptly grabbed her by the side and made for the door. I refuse to support businesses that don't like cheesy jokes and accents. 

Heading out into the amazing fall day I said with a half cockney/half Aussie lilt, "Watch us leave your store."

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