Monday, March 01, 2010

Love That Sweater. Injera?

A friend and I went out for Ethiopian food over the weekend. I'd never had Ethiopian but immediately discovered that it's awesome, and that I'm still about 8 years old. 
Looking over the menu, I couldn't help but comment on all the new foods I'd never heard of before.
-Oh nice, they have timatim fitfit. It's kind of like that British dish chim chiminey.
-Mmmm, gored gored. My grandma makes good gored gored.
-Azifa? That's a line from Clueless, right?

Luckily, my buddy played along.
-I think there's a typo on this menu. "Beef cubs" should be beef cubes, don't you think? Unless there's some sort of baby beef bear from Ethiopia that I don't know about. 

The waitress was very helpful, we ordered, and the food came out on the best thing ever!!! It's called injera and it's kind of like this spongy pancake-like bread, that you use to scoop up all the food and it's delicious, and fun, and we couldn't stop talking about the texture. Easily, the coolest feeling food I've ever had. Everything was very very good, but the injera! I wanted to make a sweatshirt out of it, or a blanket, or bath mat, or just put a big piece of it on my face. It felt so cool!

We spent 80% of the meal thinking of alternative uses for injera and every one of them seemed completely appropriate to me. Stuffed and happy, we left with like 3 pounds of leftovers.

So I got a text yesterday that said, "I ate that bread for breakfast and caught myself petting it. I thought I should admit that to someone."

It might seem weird, unless you've had injera, in which case, you totally get it. 


MFB said...

i nominate "baby beef bear" for the "cutest blogged idea" award; i'm sure both exist somewhere.

maybe i'll ask kimberl to draw it...

Jess said...

A cowbear pbbt, perhaps.