Friday, March 19, 2010

Jeffery's 60th: A Recap.

It was always a dream of mine to be a regular somewhere. To have a place where people knew my name and grabbed my coffee when they saw me come in without me needing to ask. (I have small dreams.) Just a, "Hey, Jess!" and to sit at the counter and talk about nothing in particular, and in doing so, cover all the really important stuff. That was basically it. I'm really bad at setting goals, but I remember thinking about this even as a child. I was talking about it to a friend once and he was like, "You know, you could just go to the same place all the time and then you'd be a regular. It's actually pretty easy." 

I work at a Jewish deli. I love it. I'm incredibly fortunate to have a funny job that combines my loves for people-watching, shooting the shit, and sandwiches. I've fallen in love with the art of simple conversation, and the fact that in a reverse-type flip, I'm sort of living out that "regular" dream by knowing the orders and stories of people who come in all the time. And my coworkers make me smile. How many people can say that? They're smart, each one of them is a distinct character, and they genuinely make me laugh. At some point, I'd like to write a post for each of them. 

So the restaurant had a party for a coworker's 60th Birthday and it was great. A random collection of employees, regulars, friends-- all people who know and love Jeffrey. Just really nice people drinking too much together. One of those life is so good moments. My buddy came along to meet "my weird diner family" and sent me this recap. The first part deals with an after party at the most random bar in America. Omissions have been made because I'm an idiot. 

Brace your face for cringing.

You were all over the place.  Tied-but-untied shoelace flying, you would stand at the bar, talk, then you'd take a big swig of your beer and CHARGE forth to bust a serious move on your own, knees popping, hands waving, making the best faces ever.  Then you'd get annoyed at Danny, or Roger(?) or Woodwind or whatever the fuck his name is, then you'd make fun of the other people dancing, then you'd get tired, and come back to the bar.   Rinse and repeat.  It was pretty amazing.  

Other highlights, from my perspective (let me know which ones of these you remember): 
1.) Your heightened interest in the backpack vacuum. Where does that come from?
2.) All of our conversations with Holly.  (She accepted her "Chubby" and gave a speech. Amazing. She explained how the corned beef separated her rings.  She said a lot of wicked funny shit all in a row, making it difficult to remember it all.  Either way.  Rockstar status: awarded.)
3.) Amalia saying "I can't dance, so I'm just going to point to my beer and look excited" and then proceeding to do so for the next hour on the dance floor. 
5.) You and ... Geoff's girlfriend? Lauren? ... imitating Larry(?)'s signature sign-off.  Too funny.
6.) Me telling you Larry (?) was looking at your butt, you not believing me, you shaking your butt in his general direction, and then realizing I wasn't kidding and seeing that he was then drooling.  You blushed. It was fantastic.
7.) Geoff.  His cigar.  Seee?!
8.) Jeffrey kissing you on the neck.  Friggin riot.
9.) Pretty much just how everyone loves you so much and is so supportive of you.  It's not an exaggeration to say it's a family, and it's amazing.  I loved meeting your friends, and putting faces to the names and stories I've been hearing all this time -- meeting that many at once was a li'l overwhelming, not gonna lie, but I loved it.  They were all so nice, and fun, and funny, and interesting, and that's really cool and rare.  You're really lucky, and I hope you know that :)

And for the lowlights, I'm gonna go with 
1.) My feet hurting like a bitch by the end of the night.  
2.) The awful music and dance scene at Wonderbar.  I kid you not, the 6'5" kid with floppy hair that was LEAPING around the dance floor literally elbowed some poor girl in the head with his flailing.  Not cool.  Funny to watch, but quite... ahhhhhhh... And lastly, and importantly, 
3.) Omission. Sorry, Bianca:( 

All that aside, it was fun. Not at all what I was expecting when you said "My coworker is celebrating his 60th birthday."  I hope I have that many awesome friends when I turn 60.  Hell, when I turn 26.  Damn.  

Well said, Mer.


MFB said...

i swear like a sailor.

Amalia said...

this made me laugh, blush, and laugh again. very fun!

Jess said...

Meredith, it's important for the people of the interwebs to know that you have an amazing memory when it comes to names...and embarrassing events. Could you please do something foolish around me just ONCE? Just so I have something on the scoreboard?

Amalia, you seriously had me laughing so hard. Equal parts hilarious, adorable, and wine.

Sabrina said...

I want to see the leaping guy! Please take a video next time Meredith!

I'm jealous that his 60th bday sounded like more fun than my 30th!