Friday, March 26, 2010

Hide & Seek.

Actual exchange:

Jeffrey: I had to hide my Cleopatra wig.
Me: Hide it? Why?
Jeffrey: My brother is coming.
Me: Oh.
Christine: Jeffrey hides his wigs, porn, and tootsie rolls.
Me: Tootsie rolls? Oh, because you're diabetic? Well that's quite a stash, Jeff. Hope you picked a good hiding spot. Someone could have a very interesting afternoon for themselves if they found it.
Jeffrey: Yeah, I have to lose some weight though to do Annette Funicello. She's in my act.
Me: You have an act?! Where?
Jeffrey: In my bedroom. 


Amalia said...

You haven't heard about Jeffrey's bedroom acts!? I think they must be amazing. Sherri and Dina bought him two wigs for his birthday. It's what he asked for.

Jess said...

OK, that's freaking hilarious.

Brims said...

The mounted boar's head no longer seems that eccentric.