Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good For You.

My sister called tonight to let me know that she secured a $100,000 donation for an event she's been working on. 

Me: So someone gave you one hundred thousand dollars today?
Bri: Yes, isn't that wonderful? Now we're just a few thousand away from our million dollar goal.
Me: Right. Well, just to put things in perspective, today at my job someone left me 48 cents.


Yessica said...

48 cents...that sounds like a waitress's wages in Wisconsin (yeah, been there done that)

But as my grandfather always said: "Don't spend it all in one place!"

I look forward to hearing how you spent your hard-earned 48 cents.

Jess said...

High-yield bonds.

Sabrina said...

From: Jessica Martin
3/11/2010 2:20 PM >>>
you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats sister! if you needed 48 cents, you know you could have called me! i love to support the arts.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sabrina Martin
I'm OVER goal!!!!! HOORAY!!