Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back On Planet Earth...

BizBash | City Opera Targets Dancing Donors With Waltz-Focused Gala

My sister worked incredibly hard on an event that turned out to be a huge success. I'm proud of her, and impressed with what she does. However, in her first ever print interview (!) she was quoted as saying, "We also know that a large group of our donor base are avid waltzers and they're very active in the New York City waltzing circuit."

Right. Sorry, Bri. But avid waltzers?? Avid? If you waltz more than one time in your entire life, couldn't you be considered an avid waltzer? Actually, if I ever waltz once, I'm going to refer to myself as an avid waltzer. 

I guess I just really have no way to relate to her work experiences. My sister works with people who are part of a waltzing circuit. A lot of the people I deal with on a daily basis chew with their mouths open. 


MFB said...

would you say they chew with their mouths open... avidly?

Jess said...

oh, mer.