Friday, March 05, 2010

I Almost Fell On Me.

Walking past the Somerville Theatre yesterday, not paying any particular attention to the man holding a stick under the marquee, I was about two steps away from having the letter "I" fall on my head. Stopping in my tracks, I looked up to the guy, who apologized. 
"What was that, an I?"
"Yeah, I'm switching the shows."
Making my way to the front of the marquee I took a look and sure enough, "VALENT NE'S DAY" was up there.

It made me laugh to think about how I might have explained that situation. 
"I fell from the sky and landed on me." 
"I hit me."
Or the more obvious, "I hit my head."


pilgrimchick said...

My mother rented a car at the end of December when people were putting their Christmas trees out to be picked up and scrapped. Upon driving down a local road, a gust of wind came up quickly and launched one of these trees at her car, hitting the front of it. She had to return to the dealer and tell them (truthfully): A tree hit my car.

Jess said...

That's really great. A girl I work with came in one day and claimed that a PERSON ran into her car.

That almost never holds in a court of law.