Friday, April 29, 2011

No One Tells Me Anything.

I forgot my phone charger in Chicago so I was without a cell for about a week. Normally this wouldn't mean anything. Nessa never picks up her phone so I wouldn't be missing much there, Sabrina emails constantly and would learn how to send smoke signals if she thought the news was important enough, and my mom and dad usually just want to know what I've been eating for dinner. So when I finally got my charger back and called everyone, I was a little concerned that every phone went straight to voicemail. Did they all lose their chargers too?

Nope. They didn't.

The day after I tried calling them I got an email from Brina with the subject line: Pics from the Spring Gala. The body of the email said only, "Enjoy!"

These are the pics she sent:

Right. Well, I guess it slipped everyone's mind to tell me that my entire family was going to NYC Opera's Gala. Nbd.

But then, THIS picture was in the New York Times!

Here's the article.

It's sort of a Where's Waldo? situation, but if you look under the white floating art piece, you'll see Sabrina's red dress and my mom standing across from her.
Man! I would have LOVED to be in the New York Times! Blerg.

Anyway, mom, you'll be interested to know that I had a delightful seared striped bass the other night. Thankyouverymuch.

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Ness said...

Great!!! Now that you've posted this picture I can't wear that dress to Book Launch!!!!

"Eh, buy another one!!!!"
-v. martin circa 1994 Spring Gulch Campgrounds

Could Deb and Steve be a little cuter btw?! We went to Becco before the opera and Dad, of course made friends with the couple next to us. He is sending them squash.

Missed you bigtime...cannot waiiiiiit for your party :)