Friday, April 01, 2011

Brainstorming With The Peeps.

I didn't understand the assignment.


ness said...

kinda reminds me of the wonderful convos i would eves drop in on taking place between you and STELLA!!

I like your hair!!

I cant believe you actually chewed a peep. I say chewed and not ate bc i know you spit it out. Brina loves them. Did you put in micro after filming?!?

Bridget said...

just wait like 3 days, they will be stale and THAT'S when the fun really begins.

Jess said...

Bridget- My great-grandfather built his first home out of stale peeps.

Ness- bullet points:
*It's scary how well you know me.
*Mer had never heard of the microwave thing!
*Stella always started those conversations, it would have been rude to just walk away.
*Thank you. It cost $15 and has been growing out for a month now, so you can imagine the hideous mess that it was.

Andrea said...

this was the funniest thing ever, you have a knatural knack for the video stuff as much as the writing!!! (in case you read that out loud because you're now so comfortable doing the audio - i said writing not riding, ive never seen you on a horse)

Jack said...

keep those videos coming .... you are creative and very funny.