Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Not Delivery.

Because no one delivers cookies.

I saw a commercial on hulu for this product:

This was my thought process after seeing the ad:
-Mmm, cookies.
-Wait, pizza and cookies? That doesn't make any sense.
-Well, maybe it does.
-No, actually that's pretty gross.
-What, you've never wanted something sweet after pizza?
-I don't remember ever saying, "Pizza! Can't wait to finish this and eat cookies!"
-Well, I've probably said that.
-But pizza and milk? No. It's like when parents order their kid a hot dog and milk.
-Ew, when I think about hot dogs and milk I start to throw up a little.

I actually paused my episode of Parks & Recreation to keep thinking about this product. I found that I wasn't hungry, just confused. Did the advertisers want me to somehow end up thinking about hot dogs? Hot dogs and bunt cake? Is that the next big thing? Semi-related: Have you ever seen a hot dog toaster?
And if pizza and cookies are such good pals, why am I just hearing about it now? If you said to two people, "You go together like pizza and cookies," they'd probably ask you what the hell you meant by that. Because while it sort of makes sense, it mostly doesn't. Or maybe it does.

Anyway, the whole thing sounds like a mall food court mistake.

With that said, I'm getting one.

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MFB said...

Bunnnnnn...T. T. T.

There is a hole in this cake.