Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday Contest and Blooper.

That's right! I've started something new on the blog and every Monday for the next few weeks, I'll be posting a contest and at least one blooper for your time-wasting convenience.

This week's contest: Soup With The Author!

Have you ever wanted to have a cup of soup with a self-published author? Now you can! Simply text "Soup" to Open-Eyed Sneeze-- wait, scratch that. I have no way of making that happen. Don't text anything. Simply post your favorite quote about soup to the blog or the facebook page and one randomly selected quote about soup wins! I'll buy your soup, we'll talk or not talk, it'll be a video post!
Is this the best contest you've ever seen? Why, yes. Yes it is. Winner will be posted tomorrow.

Note: Soup will be eaten in the Boston area.
(If I get even one response to this I'll consider it a success.)

And now, a blooper:


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

"anhhh...what's the soup of the day? ahh naahhh, i'll have the mashed and gravy."

You know the accent.

Amalia said...

My favorite soup quote comes from work, obviously.

"I'll have a cup of soup. But can you put it in a bowl so it's easier to eat. And add extra broth."

Ness said...

"Excuse me Flow, Whats the Soup De Jour?"

"Its the soup of the day"

"Oohh that sounds good, I'll have that"

Ness said...

ps. Are you purposely wearing the same outfit on every video blog? If so, you should make that known!!!

Jess said...

They were all filmed the same night.

Ernest Goes To Video Blog.

Ness said...

genius, pure genius!!! ok, gotta stop with DnD quotes.


Catherine said...

"No soup for you!"

MFB said...

"When we run low on matzoh balls we have to yell to the back that we're low. There's something about screaming about balls at the top of my lungs that makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life."

-The one and only Jess Martin, of course

jessmark said...

The other day, snot dripped into my soup and I still ate it. That's where I'm at. (Womp, womp.)

Gordon said...

"Good soup is like a meager analogy - made for the express purpose of having dinner with a cool person in Boston. Also in that I'm making it right now."

So much meta-humor here. This analogy is like Inception, or an onion. Ok I'll stop.

Andrea said...

everyone seems to have a soup quote. so here is one more:

"Wherever you go, there you are. If with you once was soup, it is probably cold, or spilled, so it might not be there. But, it is. In liquid or vapor form. Probably not solid. From generation to generation, it is." - Confucius

Andrea said...

And duh vanessa of course the outfit will be the same because this is bloopers, bloopers dont get their own outfits.

Michelle said...

I want soup!!! Am I too late for the contest?