Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Moml's Love.

I sent the book cover to my mom yesterday and this was her response:

I am over the top excited to see the fruits of your labor!!! I think I feel like Grandma did when she peered through the door of the birthing room. Your book is born!! I am incredibly humbled and awestruck. I can hardly wait to nurture it along its journey...Congrats, Love, your moml

My poor mom. The closest thing to a grandchild she'll see in awhile is a self-published paperback.

A few years ago around Christmastime, the fridge was covered with pictures of other people's children on holiday cards and my mom interrupted our meal by asking, "Now Jessie, do you think you'll adopt, or would your partner get pregnant?" I held my breath for a minute, deciding if it was worth it to point out that the question was launched from nowhere. Concluding that it wasn't, I answered with, "Mom, I don't even have my own apartment right now. Let's worry about imaginary babies later."

I love you, Mom. You can push a copy of my book on a park swing whenever you want.


Katie said...

Dear Jessica Martin, I am so happy for you. You deserve the best. Love your book cover. I can't wait to own a signed copy. All My Love Mrs. Koutras

Jess said...

Dear Mrs. Koutras,

You have been one of my favorite people since I was 4 years old. I love you and your whole family and am SO excited to see you at the launch!

Biiiiig hug,

amanda + daniel said...

Jess, maybe you could get a puppy? A cute puppy AND an awesome book cover might hold her over for a few more years.