Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Contest and Blooper.

The book launch for Open-Eyed Sneeze is quickly approaching and today's contest concerns the signature drink that will be served at the event. I'd like to call it the Open-Eyed Sneeze, but any great drink name will work.
Create the winning signature cocktail, win an invite to the launch! It's that easy! And my parents will be at this party, so if you've never had the pleasure, it might be worth it to try to think of a fun beverage.

And now, a random clip.


Amalia said...

Haha! I like when you got scared...of a pigeon.

Also that last second when you swivel the camera, John pretty much has that exact photo. Taken at that fire thing.

Oh wait, I'm supposed to come up with a drink...How about something equally as impossible as an open eyed sneeze...I'll get back to you.

lindsay packard said...

How about the "open-eyed squeeze"....something made with oj......?

Christine said...

1. Vodka and olive brine, shaken, garnished with blue cheese stuffed olives. Named Jess MARTINi

2. Prosecco and Aperol, lemon zest. Named Open Eyed Sneeze...bubbles tickle the nose :)

Anonymous said...

How do you call it anything but "open wide please"? come on.