Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's the homestretch to get the word out about Open-Eyed Sneeze and if anything can get people talking, it's a flashmob. I debated trying to get those Filipino prisoners to somehow mention that I was publishing a book, but logistically, I thought a flashmob made more sense.
Prison correspondence can be so slow.

This was my first attempt at organizing a flashmob, so clearly there's a learning curve. Making sure you mention the correct time for everyone to be there is something to remember. Also, sending the alert out to more than just your immediate family in New York is a good tip. Especially if the flashmob is held in Chicago.

Overall, things could have gone worse.

Note: The security officer at The Bean was following me for the entire time we filmed.
That's true.


Suzanne said...

Laureen and I would have totally flashmobbed with you!!!!! I love this :)

Jess said...

that would have been perfect! see you soon!

Jennie@ Got My Reservations said...

I would have flashmobbed with you if you had invited me.