Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Book In The Hand Is Worth 2 Video Posts.

I picked up my proof copy from the printer today and oh boy, was I excited. It was also about 100 million degrees out (I sweat in the winter so yes, 65 is basically 100 million) so I was pretty stoked about that as well.

I thought I would surprise Meredith when she got out of work by sitting outside the hospital reading my book, but she almost walked right past me and I had to scream, "Meredith! Over here!" and then she was like, "What are you doing here?" And I couldn't think of anything clever so I was just like, "Look." and handed it to her.
My life just plays out like a movie sometimes! Magical.

Anyway, I might have one thing changed but then it's a go with printing lots of copies. Maybe you'll read it! That'd be great!

Here are 2 video posts because I'm so happy. One of them is a Rap video. Whaaa? Please excuse my sweaty, dead rat appearance. I was waiting outside for Mer for awhile.


Jody said...

I always knew you would be a rapper some day.

MFB said...

So there's um, my bük.

Amalia said...

HAHA! I actually know, like laughed out loud, while watching this.

Luna gave me a weird look like, "Why are you making weird noises by yourself mama?"

Can't wait to read it!

Jess said...

thanks for defining LOL for me, Amalia. Although for you it probably has something to do with Luna, right?


Was John good on moving help?

MFB said...

babe, given that you had an AOL account (ask Martha for the definition of that one) til recently, perhaps defining it isn't such a bad move ;)