Monday, September 20, 2010

Now Is Not Snack Time.

I recently noticed a Polly-O string cheese wrapper in my bathroom wastebasket. 

This triggered two thoughts:
1) Hey, look! They still make Polly-O string cheese! 
2) Who the hell is eating Polly-O string cheese in the bathroom?  


andrea said...

remember up in the air? the whole discussion of what people carry in their backpacks? i think you should do an expose on what people bring into the bathroom. polly-o cheese says a person is: efficient (they multitask - pee and eat), not obsessed with cheese (they chose cheese product after all), and has opposable thumbs (you can't open string cheese without these).

i tend to always bring my cell phone. this says that i am dumb because i have dropped 2 cells phones into the toilet. the worst is that moment of shit! do i pull it out? of course you have to but you do have about 4 seconds of deliberation staring at it sinking. on the other hand, i did get locked in my bathroom at work and had i not had my cellphone to call for help, i likely would have been stuck overnight.

Jess said...

Andrea! You have the worst stories about your phones!

Maybe you should carry around an egg or a 10-pound bag of flour to practice for your next iphone.