Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I'll Be Rocking That Beet.

Since the very first time I delivered a bowl of borscht to a customer at work I've said, "Drop a beet!" while placing it in front of them. 
No one has ever laughed. 
Not once. 

This hasn't stopped me, of course. I've told myself that the day I get even the slightest chuckle out of someone, I'm walking out of the restaurant the way George Costanza left a room after telling a good joke. 

Anyway, a kid I work with was talking about his music promotion gigs the other day and dropping names of super super underground hip-hop artists like I should know what he was talking about.
-You know Tictic Boom? 
-Pawned Yawn and the Day-Old Crew?
-Wait, are they kind of like BunnyLove?
-Well the lead guy--
-Yeah, I don't know them.

So I casually mentioned that I've been working on some stuff, mostly for fun, but asked him if he might be interested in promoting for me. And because he genuinely is a really chill guy, he lit up and agreed. 

-What are you into?
-Well I've been spinning for years as DJ Tanner, and I spit for a bit in San Francisco as Baby Bok Choy, but lately I've been working on vocal perc as DJ Cold Borscht. DJ Cold Borscht! Dropping Beets!

Long story short, look for me at BunnyLove's next show.

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MFB said...

nice perc!!