Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cousin Steven's Wedding.

My cousin has always known how to throw a party and his wedding last weekend didn't disappoint. During the wedding party introductions, smoke and music filled the huge hall and when they announced Steven and his wife I turned to Mer and said, "I think my cousin is coming out of the floor."
Sure enough, there was this large movable staircase that appeared out of nowhere and Steven and his wife Lisa casually walked down.
The entire evening was sort of a variation on that theme.
I couldn't possibly describe it accurately. 

Prior to the wedding, my sister Sabrina attempted to coordinate plans, as she is wont to do. This is from a chain of emails concerning rides to and from the church/reception hall/Queens/Manhattan. 
Driving to the church:
Ness, are you and Andrea going with Mom and Dad? They'll pick you guys up in Astoria that afternoon, unless you want to take a cab to their hotel.
Jess & Meredith, will you guys come with me and Chris? We'll plan to leave around 1 pm on Sunday in case there is traffic.
After the wedding we'll drive back to Astoria, freshen up and take a car service at 5:30 (can be changed if we need to) from my apt. I've already scheduled the pick up.
Nessa & Andrea, I assume you guys will go directly back to hotel with mom and dad, then take the shuttle to the wedding?
I called the venue and they can call a taxi for us after the party, so Jess and Meredith, we'll take one back to my apt. and Nessa and Andrea, I think you guys are going back to Manhattan?
All sound OK?

Andrea and I are taking an 18 passenger party bus. It will just be she and I. No one else is invited. We will be wearing party hats and have those blower things. Tell ya friends.

I will be using the handicapped entrance to the bus because I want to have a dramatic entrance, I will be lowered very slowly, please bring a trumpet/red carp/tuna sandwich

I always smile when Bri's amazingly detailed plans are met with responses like this.

Anyway, great food, probably too many beverages, and totally wonderful to see all my family. 
Steven is such a great guy and I'm thrilled for his happy life. 

Here are some pics:

And just to give you an idea of how hard it is to actually take a picture together...

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