Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are You Ready Boots?

Oh boy, do I love fall! 
I love the smells, the slightly chilly mornings, the colors, the rainy nights that demand you curl up with a movie and takeout, and of course, the wardrobe. I wear layers throughout the summer so you can only imagine how I go to town in the fall. Jackets and sweaters! Blazers and button-downs! High socks and boots! BOOTS! YAY! I enjoy seeing people in their fall boots almost more than anything during this time of year. It's weird, I know, but I don't care.

People-watching is so good in autumn simply for the outfits alone. Sitting on a bench with a coffee and just observing is like having the world's largest shoe store on display. Gold and red leaves create the perfect runway for people and their boots. And even if I'm not crazy about a pair, I still appreciate the effort. I find myself thinking, "Hmm, those aren't my best show but thanks for putting them on today." 

Anyway, Meredith and I went boot shopping the other day and she found a great pair but they didn't have my size in the ones I wanted. After I spent a few days sulking and searching online, she surprised me by calling all the surrounding DSW's, tracking down a pair in my size, placing them on hold, and booking the most hilarious zip car in the world to take a field trip to get them. 
She's sort of wonderful.

Mer: OK, gray suede, 9.5, on hold about 20 miles away, I'll pick you up in the Smart car.

Smart car!!!!!

Boots, funny little car! What more could I want?!

The trip was hysterical, mainly because I barely fit inside. 

And I always thought I was longer than a Smart car, but it turns out that's not true. 

Once we got to the store, it wasn't much easier to fit into the boots thanks to all the junk they had stuffed inside. Every time I thought I had gotten the last bunch of shoe fluff, I found more.
Meredith was very helpful in documenting my sad attempts to try on footwear.

I eventually got them on. All my pride was lost in the process, but it was worth it.
I was so excited about them I didn't even mind that they blocked my view of the road for the entire trip home. 

Thanks Mer!


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

So cute! I miss you!

MFB said...

JESS!!!! Your line is "c'mon, boots!"

other than that, this is 100% perfection. love you. and i kid you not, i'm framing that picture :)

Amalia said...

"My best show!" YAY, so glad it's part of your vernacular. My mom will be so proud.

You have to know about the show to be in the show.

Amalia said...

P.S. I feel the same way about boots. For me fall is a constant roller coaster of boot envy and boot pride, depending on how cool I feel compared to those that I see.

I love fall-wear.

Marietta said...

Yay! YOU"RE my best show! Suede boots are the only consolation to saying goodbye to tan toes and toe rings!

Brina said...

I absolutely LOVE the boots, Jess! Great choice! And you look beyond beautiful in all your pictures! xo

Ness said...

compliment me now, brina!

Naomi said...

Those boots are awesome! Also: jim jidda jim jidda jim jidda jim jidda jim jidda jim jidda BOOTS. Ask Meredith for a translation.

Jess said...

Lauren!!!! (go in for hug-- wait no, just an enthusiastic hello) I was talking about my snow boots the other day and totally thought of you.


Marietta! Hey!! Thanks for the comment, and the catchphrase, of course. It's too funny. Hope you're well!

Bri- Thanks sister. I'm a lady. Which one did it for you? Stretching out on the parking lot or my scrunched up face trying to shove a boot on my foot?

Ness- Um, yeah I've got nothing for you.

Naomi- I wanna know now!